Contact Information

Allan J. Eurek, President
P.O. Box 22017
Lincoln, NE 68512
Phone (402) 477-7500


As of January 1, 2017, Allan J. Eurek Law Offices, P.C. was a Nebraska Professional Corporation, authorized to engage in the practice of law in Nebraska. Its President, Sole Shareholder, and sole attorney on such date was, Allan J. Eurek who was then licensed to practice law in the State of Nebraska. Allan J. Eurek Law Offices, P.C. has began the process of winding up its affairs and dissolve as a corporate entity, and is no longer accepting new clients. Upon dissolution, the Corporation will no longer be authorized to practice law through its attorney. While Allan J. Eurek would be authorized to continue to practice law as an individual licensed attorney after such dissolution, he intends to convert his bar membership and license to inactive status and retire from the practice of law. After dissolution of Allan J. Eurek Law Offices P.C., for a period of time, the dissolving shareholder will maintain the records and files of the corporation, and he may be contacted as follows: Allan J. Eurek, P.O. Box 22017, Lincoln, NE 68542, Phone (402) 477-7500, email